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Our Story

Inspired by our Managing Director, Don MacAskill’s, Aboriginal totem, the butterfish or otherwise known as a Dusky Morwong, combines a minimalistic and modern interpretation of this unique creature, representing Don’s Aboriginal heritage.

Don and his family relocated to Newcastle, New South Wales in 1984. Leaving behind his love for the vibrant colours of the South Australian Coast, particularly the Eyre and Yorke Peninsula.

Drawing on his cultural connection and desire to pass on his story + knowledge through Butter Fish Services. This logo was designed in recognition and acknowledgment of the traditional custodians of the coastal desert regions of Australia.

Utilising a range of dark and light blues representing the various colours of the Coastal waters in which the butter fish can be found.

This simplistic design is made up of spearheads/arrowheads or even, boomerangs, all place in moving forward as an perpetual motion

We ask that you look at our logo openly, give it a bit of time, consider it for long enough so that it may interact with your own interpretation. What do you see? What’s your story?

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Our Vision & Values

To provide holistic and integrated services of the highest standard that meets the needs of our clients.

  • We Listen – We listen to our clients, our team members and all stakeholders to improve our services.
  • We Deliver – We deliver on our commitments and our responsibilities to our highest standard.
  • We are accountable – We take accountability for our service delivery and our actions and continually seek to improve.