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Affordable Psychology Services

We believe that caring for your mental health is vital, more than just bubble baths or having a few beers with your mates. Taking care of your mental wellbeing needs to be prioritised. 

Just like going to the gym, building mental resilience starts well before you’re in crisis. Often the barrier to accessing mental health care is the cost and the availability and it’s not until we’re in a crisis that we realise that we need to be building our resilience.    

At Butter Fish services we are committed to providing affordable, accessible psychology support for EVERYONE.  

To find out more about our private psychology service and how we can help you – fill on the form and one of our staff will call you.

Flexible Delivery Options

Don’t miss an appointment, as well as face to face services, we have online therapy available for both 30 minute or 1 hour appointments.

NDIS Registered

We are a registered provider with the NDIS for Improved Daily Living, Improved Relationships, Health & Wellbeing & Support Coordination.

Funding Available

To minimise out of pocket costs, we can accept medicare & most private health insurance policies

Quality Assured Providers

We adhere closely to the new NDIS Practice Standards & Code of Conduct, set out by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

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