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Behaviour Therapist

Bachelor of Psychological Science/Bachelor of Criminology
Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

I’m a behaviour therapist because I believe in improving other people’s relationships with themselves by helping them to engage in healthier behaviours. I like to help people fulfil their goals, and experience an improved quality of life through my practice.

I really enjoy working with children, and I am also interested in neurological processes and different areas of the brain and how acquired brain injury and neurological disorders can affect this.

Contact Butter Fish Services today if you would like work with us to develop healthier behaviours and routines.

The Black Canary

I resonate with Black Canary as she’s not only a great physical fighter, she is also very patient and understanding and is a great support for her team.

I would like to have peak physical conditioning like her as she is very strong and could fight of any attackers or enemies.


You’ve spoken and we’ve listened.

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