Behavioural Intervention

About NDIS Behavioural Intervention Support

Our specialised Behavioural Therapy and Intervention Support services aim to encourage positive and useful behaviour such as listening to a teacher and discourage harmful and inappropriate behaviours such as self-harm and aggression towards others.

Butter Fish Services is a registered NDIS provider of Behavioural Intervention Support services.

Behavioural Intervention Support is a highly specialised intensive support intervention used to address significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concerns.

Behaviour support plans are developed that temporarily use restrictive practices with intention to minimise the use of these practices. These ‘restrictive practices’ may include seclusion, chemical restraint, mechanical restraint, physical restraint and environmental restraint.

Behavioural interventions aim to encourage and increase useful behaviours (such as getting dressed or talking to other people) and reduce or eliminate harmful behaviours (such as self-harm or aggression to others) or those that interfere with learning.

How Butter Fish Services Can Help?

Behavioural Intervention Support is a specialist area that assists participants to reduce the risk of harmful behaviours and increase positive outcomes. We work with families and carers to develop strategies to help achieve their goals for their children.

We work with you to understand the behaviours of concern that may be impacting on a young person’s participation in daily routines and activities. We then develop an individualised plan to support learning new skills and ways to behave when joining in activities with peers, family and friends.

Our qualified therapists break down the desired behaviours into small, achievable tasks which are then taught in a very structured manner.

Our highly trained behaviour intervention therapists comply with the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework which underpinned by guiding principles that include human rights and a person-centred approach.