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About Our NDIS Behavioural Therapy Services

The study of learned behaviours and how the environment influences those behaviours.

Butter Fish Services is a registered NDIS provider of Behavioural Therapy Services for people with a disability approved under
the NDIS scheme. We provide Behaviour Therapy Services funded under the Improved Daily Living support category of the NDIS.

Behavioural Therapy is a complex area that requires an individualised person-centred approach to address individual needs. We
understand that sometimes it can be difficult to manage your feelings or your behaviour, and this can create a strain on your
relationships with family, friends or workmates. This behaviour may cause physical or emotional harm, or limit how you can
engage fully with your loved ones or the community.

Through Behavioural Therapy, we seek to understand why a person may resort to inappropriate, challenging or
unsafe behaviour that may be impacting them and their peers.

How Butter Fish Services Can Help?

Once we understand what the participant is communicating through their behaviour, we work with you to develop strategies to
better support them. Our trained professionals will work with you to find ways to improve your quality of life. We take a look
at your environment to make sure it meets your needs and we teach you new skills or ways to communicate.

Our team will consult with you and assess your situation and together we will develop an individualised plan that meets
your particular needs. We may develop a Behavioural Support Plan that outlines how to best support you, how to lessen the
need for you to engage in such behaviours and help you build skills you can learn to replace the need for those behaviours.

We can also provide education to individuals or small groups that address sexuality and relationships, social skills development
and anger management.

Appointment Options

Behavioural Therapy 1
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