Experience the Butter Fish Difference

Butter Fish’s counselling services can help you work towards making positive changes to
your wellbeing by helping you better understand yourself. We work with you on a one-to-one basis
to address your issues in a positive way and help you to develop strategies to increase your
self-awareness, confidence and develop better coping skills.

Our aim is to motivate and inspire people to live life to their fullest ability with greater
self-understanding and self-acceptance.

We help people better understand themselves & their conditions such as:

Individual Counselling 1
Individual Counselling 2
Individual Counselling 3
Individual Counselling 4
Individual Counselling 5
Individual Counselling 6
Individual Counselling 7
Individual Counselling 8

Understanding your own relationship dynamics improves your chances of having happier
relationships. We can help families to have better connections and live in harmony
with each other. This includes helping parents, divorced couples and single parents
have better connections 
with their children.

We are patient and listen to what you have to say without judgement. We can help
you deal with conflict by guiding you to develop more effective communication skills.

Appointment Options

Individual Counselling 9
Individual Counselling 10