Liz’s Story – “I wasn’t going to give up on life”


Liz's Story - "I wasn’t going to give up on life" 1

Liz’s Story – “I wasn’t going to give up on life”

Liz was Butter Fish Services very first client, and she continues to be our number one star. Liz recently starred in Butter Fish Service’s first video, so we thought we would share her story with you.

Liz is lucky to be alive. Following a terrible accident, she was in a coma for a week and her family members were told to say their goodbyes.

“My eldest daughter actually turned off life support because the doctors said I wasn’t going to have much of a life and she loved me enough to not put me through that. When they turned it off, I came good and showed everyone I wasn’t going to give up on life.”

Liz spent four months in hospital, where she fought renal failure and learnt how to walk and talk again. “It took me 12 months but I did it, which was incredible because they said I’d never be able to,” says Liz. Liz then returned home, where understandably, she needed a helping hand.

“Before the NDIS rolled out, my 17 year-old son TJ practically gave up his life to be my carer. I was in a wheelchair and he had to do nearly everything for me. He took on an enormous responsibility for a young person and it shows what an incredible person he is. Now that we have the NDIS I’m very grateful that the help I get from support workers means that TJ can have his life back.

When I was told I would receive NDIS assistance I was asked if I had any preferences when it came to a service provider and I said I’d like an Aboriginal carer. That’s how I learnt about Butter Fish. I like Butter Fish because they understand me. My carer Zoe is a perfect fit with me. When we’re down the street paying bills and doing groceries, people think she’s my daughter. I don’t associate with people very well so being able to get along with someone is very helpful for me to be more confident. I told Zoe that when she started she would go home with sore muscles in her face from laughing and I have lived up to my end of the bargain.”

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