Our Support Coordinator – Erica

Our Support Coordinator - Erica 1

Hi, my name is Erica, and I am a Coordinator of Supports at Butter Fish Services with over (8) years of disability experience. This is my husband, Zac and my Daughter, they are my biggest motivators in life. 


My daughter was born at a tough time in my life as my close friend, who had a profound disability passed away. I was her key worker for 5 years, and worked with her everyday, helping with everyday needs. Over this time I built a strong friendship with her, she wasn’t verbal but she knew she could trust me and that she was loved. Our friendship and bond was on a deeper level, and I want to share that with everyone.


After her death, I decided to become a Support Coordinator to help people on a much bigger scale. To use my skills, knowledge and passion to help people with a disability. Thats why I became a Support Coordinator at Butter Fish Services because my passion aligns with their values. 


I understand the struggles and overwhelming feeling that you may face when trying to find the best services for your needs. This is where I can help! I offer an individualised approach to Support Coordination as I recognise everyones needs are different. I will support you to understand and implement your NDIS plan to help reach your goals. I can free up your time by doing research for you and I have a great knowledge base of local service providers. I combine both my knowledge in the disability sector, with my passion to deliver the best results for you. 

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