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Have your
needs understood

There’s a lot to be said for the positive mental transformation that simply being understood can provide. Sometimes in life it can feel like you’re treading water to stay afloat, and no one is hearing you call for help. Psychologists are there to specifically hear your needs, or the needs of your child, and offer you a life raft by way of effective tools to not only help with responding and behaving in more constructive ways, but to better understand why you weren’t before.

How do
Psychology services work?

Most of us like to think we are able to handle the difficulties life throws at us, and that seeking psychological help is somehow a weakness. While Butter Fish endeavour to help undo this misconception, it’s also important we acknowledge it. Taking advantage of psychological services is something you can be proud of. Our highly qualified psychologists offer you a positive and effective way to better understand why you think, behave or respond in certain ways, and provide the tools and strategies to become the person you want to be.

Who can access
our Psychologists?

Mental health support is designed to be for everyone, but applied in a very individualised way. From children who are struggling with emotional control, or adults who need some support in navigating positively through life’s hurdles, our psychologists can work with you on a personalised plan to create greater mental health. We provide support to families, individuals, couples and children via in-clinic, telehealth and home-based sessions where applicable. 

We’re dedicated to offering services for everyone, when they need it and in ways that are designed based on your specific needs and goals.

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