Real Talk Project Launches!

Real Talk Project Launches! 1

Real Talk. Real Goals

As the New Year rolls in, many of us find ourselves looking back over our year – the things we did well, and the things we would like to do differently.

For some people with disabilities, this reflection might include their NDIS Goals. When goals aren’t reached, we can feel disappointed.

To achieve our NDIS goals, you must have the right supports in-place. You need to feel comfortable working with your support workers, and you must have support staff who are adequately skilled.  Most importantly, you must be at the centre of the decisions concerning your life and your goals. Afterall – you know best.

If things haven’t been working, and you want to make a change, it is important to remember that you aren’t locked in with any service provider.  You have the ability to exercise control and choice at any time.

That’s why we have come up with Real Talk. We come to you. Listen to your story. We find out from you how you want to live your life and how you want to achieve your goals.

Our Real Talk Project provides you with a different perspective of your NDIS plan and how you may be able to reach your goals.

At Butter Fish Services we will walk you through these important steps:

  • We will explain the opportunities your current NDIS Plan sets you up with
  • We will point out potential opportunities in your current Plan
  • We want to set you up for success

Real Talk is free and there is no obligation to sign up with Butter Fish Services.

To organise a free Real Talk catch-up please call us directly on 0477 333 727

Or book a catch up online here.



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