What is Coordination of Supports?

​​According to Care Navigator, in 2016, Support Coordination ranked #4 in the ten most searched items by NDIS participants. Even the NDIS estimates that approximately 30-40% of plans generated every year will require support coordination.

What is Coordination of Supports? 

Coordination of Supports is about making your NDIS plan active and setting it up to work for you. It’s like having an Operations Manager to oversee the implementation and monitor the effectiveness of your plan, so you are on track to achieve your goals.

What Kinds of Things Does A Support Coordinator Do? 

A Support Coordinator will do the leg work for you when it comes to connecting you with supports and services. They will ensure your NDIS is active and implemented. They will do research, present all of your options to you, and then assist with setting up your first appointment.

A Support Coordinator should always be looking for the perfect fit for you. They should take the time to brief supports and services of issues, concerns, your unique needs, and any things to be mindful of. If problems arise, your Support Coordinator will be the best person to assist you in resolving any issues. You may even want your Support Coordinator to attend an appointment to help support you.

Your Support Coordinator should have a good working knowledge of NDIS, a strong professional network within the sector to draw upon, and be able to effectively answer any concerns or questions you might have.

A good Support Coordinator will take the time to understand you, their client, and take a strategic approach to implementing your planned supports and the achievement of your goals. Linking a client to supports and services in an effort to tick things off the list is the worst possible outcome for a client. This may actually make the achievement of your goals harder.

The focus of your Support Coordinator should always be on building your capacity, step by step, so that you can effectively achieve the outcomes you want.

At Butter Fish, this is what we do. We exist to help you achieve your unique goals. This is our difference. Helping you with the right fit, to gain the right outcomes, always.

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