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What is the long term benefit of Behavioural therapy?

By its very nature, behavioural Therapy is designed around a long term and sustainable outcome to disruptive behaviours, responses, thoughts and feelings. It seeks to find the core issue that some of these negative behaviours are a symptom of, and treat it using therapy as more than just telling someone your problems, but being provided strategies that can be applied in real life.

This can of course work in the short term, and can sometimes offer instantaneous results in that way; a session can highlight a trigger environment for you, for example, in which you can better navigate the next time you face it. We support the process and are part of the journey.  

So, what are some of the specific benefits to the long term effectiveness of Behavioural Therapy?

Social skills development

When confronted with challenging behaviours and responses, either from yourself or from your child, it’s rarely about the isolated moment. It has a residual effect on social interactions as it’s happening, but also anxiety at the prospect of another behavioural outburst and the response from others in the aftermath of one. 

The tools and techniques that you develop through Behavioural Therapy helps you respond in more constructive ways, as a child and as a parent or individual, that diffuses challenging situations. Over time, the stressors that would otherwise exist if negative responses continued start to diminish for you, your family and the relationships you have with extended family, friends and your community. 

This gives you the space and energy to strengthen and deepen these interpersonal relationships in positive ways that aren’t disrupted by the challenging behaviours you many have previously felt were controlling you. 

Greater confidence

Taking back control of your responses, feelings and emotions, and not having them control you, is a very empowering experience. Sometimes, we don’t even know how much they have controlled us until we are on the other side. Understanding the difference Behavioural Therapy made in your life, comparatively, often boosts confidence. Beyond just being in control of how you respond, it is also confidence that no matter what life throws at you, you will be prepared with the tools to face them in the most positive way possible.

Breaking cycles

Intergenerational trauma, intergenerational challenging behaviour and cyclical behaviour patterns are some of the hardest behaviours to break. We find that this is a big hurdle for a lot of patients and we understand the difficulty in overcoming responses that feel ingrained. Behavioural therapists spend the time with you to identify the specific triggers and reasons behind the challenging behaviours of you or your child, and create personalised plans to deal with these core issues, even the most deep seeded issues. By embracing the process and committing to the plan, Behavioural Therapy offers an opportunity to break cycles that aren’t serving you. You are able to take hold of your future and move forward in a way that may be brand new ground, but one that works towards a greater you.

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