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Personalised plans for a clear and positive path forward

When we are under pressure or facing difficult emotions and environments, it can be tough to communicate these thoughts constructively and positively. You might find that you, or your child, is instead in a cycle of responding with aggression, outbursts or other challenging behaviours. 

There is a way to harness control over these responses, and Butter Fish formulate these tools and techniques with a personalised plan that meets your unique needs and helps you get to where you want to be.

Committed to your Health & Safety

Individual behaviour support plans may include the use of restrictive practices. Restrictive practices are practices and interventions that restrict the freedom of movement of a person for the benefit of their health and safety, or the health and safety of others.

This is not a practice we implement lightly, nor often. It is only under very specific conditions that this is supported by Butter Fish Services. We explore all alternative, proactive and harm minimising avenues prior to this.

We are fundamentally committed to and rigorously adhere to the strict regulation, authorisation and healthy implementation of restrictive practices. They are only used as part of a planned response to an individuals’ behaviour that causes harm, and are exercised with the utmost care and concern for our client.

What’s involved in preparing a
Behaviour Support Plan?

About You

Your Behaviour Therapist will start by asking you about your history, health, your preferred communications, your likes and dislikes, your general needs and any sensory needs.


We take note of any challenging behaviours or behaviours you’re concerned about, including frequency, known triggers, outcomes and responses to the behaviours. A big part of the Behaviour Therapist’s work here  is in sourcing behaviour data from the client to get a substantial understanding of their unique needs.

Proactive Strategies

We formulate a personalised Behaviour Support Plan based on response strategies and leading industry practices, with the goal to develop your skills and capacity.

Action Plan

Our Ongoing Care Team is dedicated to you, and will monitor your progress toward your goals, including pivoting your strategies according to life events.

Butter Fish Services® will help you discover a new path to a greater you.

The Butter Fish Difference

A Greater You icon, person with arms outstretched to a sun symbol

A Greater You

Discover more confidence, independence, control, and a higher quality of life.

Outcome-focused icon, a target with arrows pointing to it from north, south, east and west


Effective tools and strategies for enhancing your quality of life.

Authentic Support icon of two shaking hands in the shape of a heart.

Authentic Support

A therapy and support services provider you can trust and rely on.

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Affordable, culturally-aware and disability informed therapy for all persons.

Butter Fish Services® is a
trusted NDIS provider

Seeking Behaviour Therapy and a Behaviour Support Plan under an NDIS plan?

Positive Behaviour Support Services can be accessed for specialist behavioural intervention support under the NDIS Support Item: Improved Relationships.

Choose Butter Fish as your outcome-focused NDIS provider and embrace a brighter future, starting today. There are also no waiting lists, so you can receive help as soon as you need it.

What’s involved in a Behaviour Support Plan?

Our Butter Fish Behaviour Therapists will help you manage challenging behaviours and encourage positive behaviours. We will help build independence and capacity, and provide you with management strategies to find the right path to A Greater You.


Behaviour Assessment

Meet your therapist, get to know each other, and complete a behaviour assessment.


Therapy Planning

Receive a Support Plan for responding to challenging behaviour and reinforcing positive behaviour.


Achieve Greater Together

Work with your Therapist to get the support and training you need to successfully implement your plan.


Therapy Implementation

Implement your Positive Behaviour Support Plan and provide valuable progress feedback.

At Butter Fish Services® what matters to you, matters to us.

We develop Behaviour Support Plans
for people of all ages.




options & locations.

Receive affordable, convenient and accessible Behaviour Support services across Australia.

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Virtual Appointment

Access online therapy for 30-minute or
1-hour sessions.

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Face-to-face Appointment

Visit us for a face-to-face

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