Virtual appointments available for some services

Personalised support plans

Our goal is to provide personalised services and tailored support
to strengthen you and your family to live better lives.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to talk to you, listen to your needs and goals to create tailored support plans that offer therapy and support services for adults, teenagers and children. These plans are one of the most valuable resources for us to help you reach positive, outcome-focused goals.

Accessible to All

Everyone should be able to access the support they need.

You should never be denied the opportunity to improve your life, and the help to get you there, based on the circumstances you find yourself in. 

Butter Fish offers affordable personalised therapy plans, unmatched integrity in your dealing with us, and services that are accessible and achievable for all. This includes offering virtual appointment options, translator services and ongoing care coordination. So no matter what language you speak or what background you’re from, we can help. 

We accept funding from NDIS, DVA, Medicare, and private health insurance. You can also choose to pay for our services privately. If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to call us today to discuss your options.

Prioritise Culture

No matter your heritage or what language you speak, we’re here to listen and understand.

Our team is diverse, and are committed to helping people from all backgrounds, including culturally- and linguistically- diverse communities, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The team’s own personal diversity helps to bridge the gap between patient and professional that you may have previously experienced. We’re here to work with you, for you. 

Not only do the issues vary between cultures, but the treatment and services must be applied with an individual’s personal requirements and preferences in mind. This is all part of how we develop our personalised therapy plans for each person.

Learn more about how our services can help.

Authentic Support

We know a lot of people haven’t felt heard or genuinely helped in the past.
So, we provide a service that takes a new approach.

Our team of Clinicians and Ongoing Care Team are committed to helping you get through difficult times, and celebrating your success.

From the first session, you are truly heard and have our caring and qualified Clinicians listen to the issues and begin the process of developing a plan. This plan requires a mix of supported and self-determined development of skills to help you and your family navigate through life in a healthy and happy way. 

Professional Integrity

Our goal is for every client to gain confidence and independence,
build capacity, and reduce reliance on support services.

Everyone leaves ego at the door, and we work closely with other service providers to ensure you receive everything you need to complete your journey, feeling confident, supported and armed with the skills  you need to achieve your goals. 

It’s our job to understand the needs of you or someone you care for, and assist connect you to community or further support. You’ll be informed throughout the whole process so you better understand your child’s or loved ones development and the services available to support you, your child and support network.

Reliable and Helpful

We won’t leave you guessing about what the next step is,
or when you’ll hear from us again.

 We stay accountable to our reliability, and keep you informed through the entire process. 

Our parent, professional, and school holiday workshops provide targeted strategies for skill building and managing problem behaviour in everyday life, while our individualised programs and therapies offer a holistic approach to support services. 

We’re available to help you understand behaviours and implement strategies to create positive changes along the way.


You’ve spoken and we’ve listened.

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Virtual Appointment

Access online therapy for 30-minutes
or 1-hour sessions.

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Face-to-face Appointment

Visit us for a face-to-face

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