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Butter Fish Services®?

Living your best life is more than just saying the words, or short bouts of motivation. Real, long lasting positive change comes with commitment and consistency. But, you don’t need to take it on alone.

Our ultimate goal is to hold your hand through the initial stages, celebrate your wins through the process, and help you gain confidence and skills that will eventually reduce your reliance on support services. We develop personalised therapy plans designed to provide practical guidance that sees you responding to life’s ups and downs with strength and a solutions-focused mindset. 

In short, our team is committed to helping you achieve a better quality of life.


Essentially, our approach is to answer ‘What do you need to live a better, more positive life?’, and turn that answer into a tangible plan that helps you experience this life. 

We provide therapy to people of all funding sources, locations and backgrounds with a service that works with you collaboratively, using effective therapies within a highly dedicated team environment.

We are turning what it means to be an NDIS provider on its head, creating an environment of inclusivity, cultural understanding, and a you-focused approach.

Our therapy, support and skills development enable you to have access to the services you need, without the wait lists. You can start the path to a clearer, brighter future today.


The Butter Fish is our Founder and Managing Director’s Aboriginal totem, representing forward momentum, sustainable change and goodness for all. It seemed apt to use it as our company’s name and now hopefully it will be forever associated with restoring choice and control to all people, some of which are our most vulnerable in society.


We are a dedicated, skilled and compassionate team helping you take charge of a life that makes you feel content, strong and capable for the long term. We do this because we’re passionate about the cause, and this passion comes from truly understanding our clients. We are real people, with diverse backgrounds, cultures and histories that form the rich fabric of Butter Fish Services. 

Our caring and professional team have decades of experience, both in their professional practice and in life, with unwavering commitment to providing individualised support to achieve the best possible outcomes for everyone who comes through our doors (or through our virtual sessions!). 

Whether you’re looking for services as an individual, parent or support professional, the Butter Fish Services® team is ready to give a more authentic experience , and help you gain a more positive experience in life, today.

Funding Sources

We believe in accessible support services for everyone who needs it. With that, we accept a range of funding sources, including NDIS, Medicare, DVA, private health insurance and fee for service for self-funded clients. 

There are no wait lists, and you don’t need a specialist referral to get in touch. Get the help you need sooner.


Join a team helping more Australians to live their best life with transparency, dedication and a strong work and social ethic. 

Butter Fish Services® is a provider with purpose, specialising in Behaviour Support, and a number of Allied Health services across the country. We’re always looking for qualified and caring professionals to help us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

Find out how you can make an impact today.


You’ve spoken and we’ve listened.

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