Virtual appointments available for some services

What do Recovery Coach
services provide?

Recovery Coach services provide you with the right mental health support you need. Our recovery coaches will spend time with you to get to know and understand your needs. They’ll help you discover which services and supports you may need and how they can help give you a clear path forward and continue to be a resource after your plan has been completed.

They’ll also help you navigate the NDIS.

Are Recovery Coaches

There is funding available through NDIS for those with psychosocial support needs. Otherwise, we do offer self funded recovery coaching for a small fee that is competitive with industry average. The number of hours available to you through the NDIS are determined by your NDIS planner or local area coordinator.

What is the difference between
Recovery Coach services and Support Coordination?

The difference is that our Recovery Coaches have qualifications and experience in Mental Health. You will have a professional who has a deep understanding of how you can successfully manage through the process and achieve the outcomes you hope to. 

Recovery Coaches can help you with greater independence, greater social skills, and greater involvement with the community around you. We’ll help you take control of your life by increasing your ability to manage the complex challenges of day to day living. We can also help those in your support network through this journey (including families, carers, and other support services) by assisting them with how your services are designed, planned, and implemented.

Activities with
Recovery Coaches

Some of the activities that recovery coaches can help you with include:

  • Developing recovery-enabling relationships
  • Recovery planning support
  • Skill development including personal, capacity, motivation,  resilience and decision making
  • Collaborating with other support services
  • Support with engaging with the NDIS
  • Documentation and reporting

We’re here to help you create and live a meaningful life where you can contribute to the community around you, with or without the presence of mental health issues.

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