A brand built on pride and respect.

“The Butter Fish is my totem. It seemed only logical to use it as our company name and now hopefully it will be forever associated with restoring choice and control to all people, some of which are our most vulnerable in society,”
CEO Don MacAskill

The Butter Fish Services logo illustrates our embrace of, pride in and respect for Aboriginal culture.

Our logo’s vivid shades of blue represent the water where the Butter Fish is found. This logo was designed in recognition and acknowledgment of the traditional custodians of the coastal desert regions of South Australia.

The logo also represents the truly people-first approach of our team. To have a brand, and service, built around a totem animal demonstrates our willingness to invest all of ourselves in providing service of the highest integrity to the community.

We ask that you look at our logo openly, give it a bit of time, consider it for long enough so that it may interact with your own interpretation.

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