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What is the Butter Fish Services process for Behaviour Support?

This is the process for Behaviour Support, it could differ for other Allied Health care.

We’ve designed our processes to benefit you, and all the individuals we support. It has been designed to support our commitment to providing you with greater choice and control in your life, with personalised outcome-focused plans that meet your unique needs. 

The process is not a siloed approach. Each step works with the next, supporting your journey to greater self determination over your health, behaviours, wellbeing and future.  

We provide you with your report so you can share with your support network. Or, we can share your report with you and designated contacts in your support network (as specified by you), if you desire.

While we have a general process in place to offer some structure, the plans are personalised and the process may pivot depending on your individual needs.

Step 1: Referral

Complete our online referral form. This will be sent to us immediately and we will action the next step as quickly as we can to get you on the road to the future you want.

Step 2: Call back

Our Ongoing Care Team will contact you to organise an appointment time. We offer virtual and face-to-face appointments and are flexible with what suits you. Here we will ask you some preliminary questions to help us better understand your current situation. These questions will cover your funding information, or any questions you may have about funding, and find out the issues you’re seeking help with.

Step 3: Assessment

During our first interaction, our professional team will talk to you about the challenges, issues and concerns you would like support for. We will keep this information confidential, except to share with your designated support professional(s). Our Behaviour Therapist will source behaviour data from you during this step. 

Step 4: First Session

You will sit with one of our skilled team members. This is your time to talk about what matters most to you, the goals you’re hoping to achieve, the hurdles you face, and the difficulties around overcoming them in the past.

Step 5: Report

We take the findings of the first session and create a personalised, easy to follow report that helps you have a clearer idea of the services we suggest you move through, and offers insight to the professionals who will facilitate that care. We make sure you feel comfortable with the plan, and understand the work on both sides that it will require for a happier future.

Step 6: Second Session

We work with you through every step of the plan, overcoming challenges and celebrating wins. We will also support you in how you’re managing the ‘homework’ of the plan, and better understand how you’re finding the at-home groundwork that is vitally important to gaining a positive outcome.

Step 7: Feedback

Let us know how we can continue to provide the services and support you need.

Step 8: Ongoing care

We walk with you through the collaborative effort of your plan until you feel you can step into the world, in control of your future, with a new positive and productive approach to life. We work with you until the tools and techniques you’ve acquired allow you to begin the life you want to lead, without us.

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